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          Hello!? Welcome to visit?Guangdong YuGa Crane Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd.

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          Yujia Crane Service Project Introduction

          issuing time :2020-07-02

          Yujia Crane Service Project Introduction

          Publication time: 2020-05-11

          Introduction of crane service projects, in addition to the sale of cranes and crane parts, the company also provides crane repair, crane maintenance, crane overhaul, crane renovation, crane customization, non-standard customization, crane installation, crane disassembly and other services.

          1. Crane repair and crane maintenance:

          The daily operation and maintenance of cranes are indispensable, but many cranes use customer factories and there is no professional crane maintenance and crane maintenance team. To this end, we specially launched the crane maintenance business, which not only can effectively provide users with a full range of crane maintenance and maintenance but also save users a lot of cost for recruiting professional personnel. Our crane maintenance and crane maintenance business is a yearly package. service. You can call us for specific fees. The safety and reliability of the crane are the most desirable. We will do a good job for customers in the daily maintenance and section maintenance of the crane, so as to lengthen the service life of the vulnerable parts of the crane. Maintenance includes inspection, repair, preventive maintenance, and various maintenance procedures customized according to customer needs.

          2. Crane overhaul and crane transformation:

          According to industry standards and relevant national regulations, a crane overhaul inspection is required after a period of use. Our crane overhaul service is mainly to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the crane used for a long time, the crane line inspection, the crane mechanical part disassembly inspection, refueling, replacement, etc. For safety considerations, the use of heavy-duty cranes must carry out monthly minor repairs, quarterly moderate repairs, and annual major repairs. Crane reconstruction service is that when your crane is used for many years, many core components begin to age, when the operating efficiency is low, maintenance growth increases, and there are more advanced technologies or supporting parts, you need to consider doing Some renovations. In order to better extend the life of the crane and improve its reliability and safety, we can upgrade your crane.


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          Tel:4001133186 / 0752-2260708

          Address:East of Jinlong Avenue, Liangtian Village, Banqiao Industrial Zone, Taimei Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province



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